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Transactional and Transformational Leadership

To understanding the meaning of “leadership” we can define it as the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or a set of goals. All managers lead but not all leaders are managers and there are different theories that attempt to explain leadership, but those that receive more attention are those […]

work team roles

Work teams and group dynamics

Work teams and group dynamics is a very broad topic, but we will narrow our review to some of the most relevant questions about it: Why is it relevant to study work teams? What are the main group development stages? What is group structure and how does it influence group effectiveness? What are the advantages […]

Motivation at work. Brief overview on motivation theories 1

The concept of motivation (from the Latin Movere – to move) can be defined as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort and is normally described as a state, rather than a trait. Still, some authors also argue that individuals may vary in the extent to which they are more oriented to higher […]

Bounded emotionality at work

Emotional labor is the expression of particular emotions at work aims at maximizing organizational productivity and customer satisfaction. Bounded emotionality derived from emotional labor and is the expression of a wider range of emotions at work that encourages community building and personal well-being in the workplace. Understanding these concepts will allows us to elaborate on the […]

Perception, cognitive biases and decision making

Each of us make hundreds or even thousands of decisions every day. Probably we don’t even notice most of them because they can be not too relevant. However, there are some decisions that require more attention from us, so we devote time and effort to organize and structure a vast amount of information in our […]